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How to Program GM Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac remotes? (most cars, trucks 2007 and up)

Not all the remotes for GM vehicles 2006 and up can be programmed onboard or manually. You can program some remote engine starters yourself, some have to be programmed by a dealer.

Buick, Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, Hummer and Pontiac keyless entry remote programming for 2006 and up remote controls is very, very simple. In order to program a keyless entry remote (sometimes called installation or activation) you simply need your remote (all of your existing and new keyless entry remotes) and your ignition key. Actually, in spite of the it's name - remote programming, the process involves training the vehicle to recognize a new remote you ordered. So within the first few steps of programming the remote you get the vehicle into so called programming mode or learning mode, then simply press remote button (or buttons) on all the remotes you have.

Those instructions presented in this article are for most GM vehicles 2007 and up

Please watch the video below to see how to program late model GM Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac remote. Programming instructions below

Switch ignition ON.

Repeatedly press vehicle information button (it is usually located on the right or left from the steering column depending on year make and model) Fig. 2 [A] until PRESS TO RELEARN REMOTE KEY is displayed.

Press set/reset button Fig. 2 [B] until REMOTE KEY LEARNING ACTIVE is displayed.

Programming mode activated, proceed as follows:

Press and hold LOCK and UNLOCK remote buttons on first remote transmitter simultaneously for 15 seconds.

Wait for acoustic signal (indicates correct programming).

Repeat above procedure to program remaining remote transmitters.

Switch ignition OFF to exit programming mode.

Remote transmitters can also be programmed using diagnostic equipment.

NOTE: A maximum of 8 remote transmitters can be programmed.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Programming method 2 (for vehicles listed below). Most of the vehicles below offer simple remote controls with just lock and unlock feature, and some offer a remote engine starters, power lift gate and other options.

2008 and up Buick Enclave keyless entry remotes

2006 and up Buick Lucerne keyless entry remote

2007 and up Cadillac Escalade keyless entry remote controls

2007 and up Chevy Avalanche keyless remotes

2007 and up Chevrolet Equinox remote control transmitters

2006 and up Chevrolet Monte Carlo transmitter controls

2006 and up Chevy Impala remote door transmitters

2007 and up Chevy Silverado truck remote control

2007 and up Chevrolet Suburban remotes

2007 and up Chevy Tahoe keyless entry remotes

2009 and up Chevrolet Traverse keyless entry remote

2007 and up GMC Acadia remote controls

2007 and up GMC Sierra truck remote door openers and remote start

2007 and up GMC Yukon remote with and without remote engine start

2008-2009 Hummer H2 keyless entry remotes

2007-2009 Pontiac Torrent remote entry system control

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