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How to Program Lincoln Keyless Entry remote?

Lincoln Keyless entry remote programming (sometimes called installation) and activation is a simple process. Actually, despite of the common name - remote programming, the process involves training the vehicle to recognize a new remote you purchased. All you have to do is turn your car key in your ignition 8 times and press a button on your Lincoln remote. For detailed instructions on how to program your Lincoln keyless entry remote key fob - simply play the video below.


Turn ignition from OFF to RUN (as far as you can go without cranking the engine) 8 times (one turn is from OFF to RUN and back to OFF) within 10 seconds, with the 8th time ending in RUN (8th time you only go from OFF to RUN and stop there) (do not start the engine). All doors will lock then unlock to confirm keyless entry programming mode. Within 20 seconds, press any button on your 1st Lincoln remote transmitter. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming for this remote control. Within 20 seconds, press any button on 2nd Lincoln key fob transmitter (up to 4 transmitters total possible). Turn ignition to OFF. Locks will again cycle to indicate end of programming mode.

Please also use this visual aid below view we recorded to help you understand how easy the process is.


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