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Keyless Remotes for Infiniti M45

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Infiniti M45 Remote Entry

In 2003, the Infiniti M45 was introduced. A great deal of time had passed since the latest M series car had been in production. This mid-size luxury sedan boasts several new features form its predecessor. Chiefly among those being keyless remote entry. At the time of the original M series, this feature was just making its way into the mainstream.

Keyless remote entry was introduced around 1982. It first appeared in a French made car and made its way to a few General Motors vehicles. By the end of the decade, it was available as a feature in most automobiles. The ease of being able to enter your vehicle without fumbling with your keys became a major selling point. Usually when within 10-60 feet, pressing one button will unlock your car door. The technology uses radio waves that are sent to a receiver inside the car. Most buttons are embedded into key fobs that include a car alarm button as well.

Infiniti M45 keyless entry became mainstream in what is known as the second generation of the M series. There are a few interesting points to make about these vehicles. The Body Control Module tells the car if the key being used is the right one. If the wrong one is used, the car will not start. If this is repeated several times with the wrong key, the automobile will become immobilized. Regular Infiniti keys can be used to start the vehicle. They can be used once the car has been programmed to be compatible. Also, a standard key can be inserted into the key hole the remote goes into. It can only be used to open the door and crank the engine though.

Expense can be a concern when it comes to Infiniti M45 keyless entry. Most remote entry options offered by the dealer are upwards of $500. This can be more or less depending on the make and model of your Infiniti M45. Newer models are likely to be more expensive than the older vehicles. Replacing a lost key fob can also be rather costly. You can find cheap key fobs online but these generally only open your doors. For them to be able to actually start the car, it'll have to be taken to the dealer to be programmed. Yet if you already have the key fob, the dealers only charge a fee less than $50.

In this age of convenience we live in, it's hard to imagine not having keyless remote entry. It not only allows for quick access to your vehicle, but since many systems only allow one key fob to operate the vehicle, it provides security. Whether the Infiniti M45 or a different vehicle, this seems to be a feature people can't do without.
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