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Acura TL Smart Remotes and Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Acura TL owners and used car dealers can order a variety of key fobs from Car and Truck Remotes. Although this sedan is no longer manufactured, there are plenty still on the road, so we make the same commitment to high-quality Acura TL key replacements as every other car. We've located aftermarket Acura TL key fobs for turn-the-key ignitions that have the same features and functions as the original. If you own a push-to-start TL, give us a call - we will work to find a replacement or refurbished smart remote fob that will link to your vehicle.

Our discount Acura TL key fobs and proximity can cost you half of what it would cost to go to a dealer. Fobs for the 1999-2006 Acura TL can be self-programmed using the included instructions; newer models need to be programmed by an automotive locksmith. All keyless entry remotes, along with parts and accessories, are covered by a 180-day money-back policy and free tech support.