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Keyless Remotes and Smart Keys for Buick

Buy a Buick keyless entry remote for your Allure, LeSabre, LaCrosse, Regal, Lucerne, Encore, Verano and more! We offer Buick keyfobs up 75% off your local dealer prices! Basic Buick transmitters will lock / unlock your door locks and trunk. Advanced car fobs will also allow proxy engine start the engine and activate the alarm via panic feature.

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Keyless entry system comes standard with most late model Buick vehicles. RKE controls are design to remotely lock, or unlock the vehicle from several feet away from the Buick. If you purchased a late model Buick most likely it was equipped with such system or key fob already and someone just lost the transmitter. As an additional feature some Buick controls allow trunk opener button, alarm (sometimes as a security option and sometimes just horn button). For more expensive Buick cars you may also find a push button engine starter feature. Late model Buick SUV's and minivans can also come with keyfob back or side door openers that allows operating power doors, and rear gate of lift. This particular feature is really great when you have both hands full or grocery bags or kids with you. All Buick vehicles with keyless system also include alarm to alert unauthorized activity or theft attempt of your vehicle.

It is a common misconception that you can only buy, obtain this system from a local car dealer. These days customers are not restricted to buying those devices from a dealer and paying arm and a leg for it. Now you can purchase almost anything online and save money. At our store you can purchase a brand new or even used wireless control for your car at discount prices.

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