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Ford Flex Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

You can buy and program a Ford Flex key fob from the comfort of your home by shopping with Car and Truck Remotes. Ford dealerships typically aren't willing to bend on Ford Flex key fob replacement - but we offer them at prices that are up to 75% lower. And in many cases, the remotes are self-programmable, cutting out another expense. Watch our free instructional video or call us Monday-Friday for knowledgeable advice.

Although Ford doesn't make the OE fobs anymore, we have found and tested an aftermarket Ford Flex remote key for every model year. Standard keyless entry remotes have an external uncut key for turn-the-key ignitions while Ford Flex smart remote key fobs come with an emergency insert key. For compatible vehicles, you can get extra features such as remote engine start and automatic trunk release. Car and Truck Remotes can help you fix or upgrade an existing remote as well with a Ford Flex key fob battery, replacement case, protective cover or chip key.