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Infiniti G37 Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Drivers who still love their original G37 or who have purchased one used can order an OE Infiniti G37 key fob from We make sure everyone who needs a keyless entry remote can get one - and at prices up to 75% lower than what Infiniti dealerships charge. These fobs come directly from authorized Infiniti manufacturers with lock, unlock, trunk release and panic alarm functions. A transponder key insert is included for emergencies, which can be cut by an automotive locksmith.

Rental agencies and used car dealers also work with Car and Truck Remotes for Infiniti G37 key fob replacement. Call us at 1-866-690-4308 to ask about wholesale rates. Both one-off and bulk orders have a 180-day money-back policy. Even if you've gotten the key cut and programmed the fob using our free instructions, we'll give you a full refund or exchange if you're not satisfied for any reason. Extended warranties are available for up to three years of protection.