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Keyless Entry Remote Replacement Cases and Covers

Keyless entry remote system becomes standard on most late model vehicles. Remote keyless entry ( RKE) controls are design to remotely lock, or unlock the vehicle from several feet away from the vehicle. Those remote openers for your vehicle are unfortunately easy to be misplaced or broken. Despite the fact that most keyless entry car remotes can be purchased online, those could be an expensive purchase comparing to getting your remote control key fob protected with a remote cover or remote tote.

Both types of products are available on our website at remote covers

Both car remote covers and totes available on our website offer a simple solution to protect, distinguish, and prevent broken or scratched up car remote controls.

Remote Entry Keyless cover product is a custom fit protective covers made out of a silicone based rubber that simply slides over your existing remote. We also sell universal remote leather covers which work particularly well on remotes with completely broken key rings.

Added features of those remote covers include: damage prevention, avoiding high replacement costs, accidental engagement of control functions, ability to reattach a broken remote, and personalization through a variety of colors.