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Pontiac G6 Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Plenty of G6 sedans, coupes and convertibles are still on the road, which is why still does Pontiac G6 key fob replacement. It can cost a lot to get a key fob for a Pontiac G6 at a local GM dealership - and some may not even carry them anymore. But here, we offer aftermarket G6 keyless entry remotes that will lock/unlock doors, open the trunk and turn on the car alarm. A remote start G6 key fob is available if your vehicle supports this feature.

These fobs cost up to 75% less from us than from the dealers who still offer them. The experts at Car and Truck Remotes test each fob before shipping to confirm it works. A battery is included with every Pontiac key fob and additional batteries can be purchased in our accessories department. Order online 24/7 or call us Monday-Friday to place orders and get answers to your questions.