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Remote Keyless Entry - Do Not Use Your Key To Open Your Car

When you purchase a brand new vehicle from a dealer, you usually get a model that was factory equipped keyless entry remote control. When you purchase a used, pre-owned car, this is not always the case. With the recent recession, a lot of those cars coming from the auction were repossessed cars. Repo cars usually come without a car remote and only with one key. This does not mean that your car has no keyless entry system. It just means you need to replace the lost or missing key fob for your car. Car remotes are a great feature and it is a shame not to have one if the system is built in. We offer remote controls for your car at discount prices. Whenever available we will also include FREE do it yourself remote programming instructions to save you even more money. Most of us are used to the fact that vehicles come with the remote control to lock and unlock the car. This is a very convenient and handy feature. If you have it in your car, there is no reason not to use the car remote. The benefits of using the remote not only include security and safety (anti theft alarm system, dome light or even short beams on when you press a button on your remote) when entering your vehicle. Your keyless entry remote system offers you additional benefits at night with most vehicles turning the lights inside of your car cabin. Some vehicles can also turn on the lights when opened with the automatic remote key fob. Depending on the make and model the remote system may be a bit different. If you have a Ford keyless entry system, it will program and work a bit different then Honda remote, which may lower your windows with a push or a button your remote. Have you ever tried to open your car door with your chip key at night with no light? Not only you are going to scratch the door locks and handle, but it may take you a while to open the car.

Remote keyless entry control (keyfob, key fob opener) allows you to unlock or lock your car from a distance. It is very practical if you have grocery bags in both your hands or it is raining cats and dogs. If you have a high-end vehicle you also may be able to open the back door, lift gate with the push or a button. It will serve as an umbrella. A lot of late model cars also have a remote start (or remote engine start option). It is very helpful during cold winter up North to warm up the car, or during hot summer in Atlanta, GA when your cabin needs to cool down before you get it. Car remote openers are awesome.

Also if you lock and unlock your car with the remote door keyfob you will never lock your keys in the car. If you ever locked yourself out - you know how much it cost for a car locksmith to come out to unlock your vehicle or make a spare transponder key so that you can get in. When getting out of the vehicle simply grab your remote, close the door and press the remote lock button on the remote keyless entry (RKE). When you return just press remote unlock button on your remote control to automatically open the car. You will never lock yourself out again! If you use the remote to lock and unlock the car it becomes a good habit. Calling car locksmith is an expensive treat. Avoid spending money or lockout service.

There are many benefits to using a remote control system with your vehicle. Sometimes it just takes a while to realize that using your remote could have a convenience, safety, and practical aspects. Call us at 866-690-4308 toll-free to speak with customer service representatives.
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