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Why Should You Have A Spare Keyless Remote? Keyless entry is a thing of beauty. Everyone adores this concept because drivers can open their doors at night without the issue of rambling for keys. This problem occurs, however, when these keyless remotes get lost. You can go into panic mode instantly because this becomes such an inconvenience. This is why people should have a spare on hand at all times. The spare key fob replacements are ready to go right away when you have already ordered one. This gives you peace of mind because you don't have to wonder about ordering and waiting for one to come. You simply go home and retrieve it from where you stored your back up. When you do this before losing it, the replacement is easy. You can go to a website, order your replacement and program you remote right away. People who fail to get their key fob replacements, on the other hand, will not be so happy. It's a lot more difficult to program a remote when you cannot even get into the vehicle that you are programming it for. It is always better to get the replacement before you actually lose the keys. Losing your remote can be a nightmare. A person that loses a television remote can get quite upset even if the television isn't used regularly. You can imagine how upset you may become when you lose the remote to a car that you use daily. A spare remote will keep you from reverting back to the inconveniences that were avoided before you lost your remote. Most people use the remote at night if they are away from home. There is nothing worse than leaving the mall or any other place of business after the sun goes down. There is always the possibility that someone will be waiting to rob someone in the parking lot. The people that have to fumble with their car keys in the dark are the easiest of targets. The person that has a spare remote never has to worry about being caught off guard like this. The spare is also good for those times when you have forgotten to lock your car at home. No one wants to risk going outside in the middle of the night to check. The person with the spare keyless remotes can avoid this dilemma. All that they have to do is grab the remote and click the lock button.