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Customer Reviews

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Order Less Than 90 Days w/o Extended Warranty

Order Less Than 90 Days w/ Extended Warranty

Order More Than 90 Days w/ Extended Warranty

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Return Information

At we want to make sure you are 100% completely satisfied with your purchase. Yes, we accept returns within 90 days from the purchase date to make sure you have enough time to try the product and be sure you want to keep it. If the product does not meet your expectations, got damaged in shipping, or you simply want to return it for any reason you may do so. If you have questions, please try our LIVE CHAT or email us at Then you will simply fill out the online returns form at the link above.

Shipping Charges:

  • Please note that we do not refund shipping charges

  • Shipping Protection:

  • Shipping Protection is non-refundable after receipt of order. This is an insurance protection to make sure you get your product.

  • Example. You order a product for $75 with overnight shipping, $25 shipping charge. Your total is $100. When you return the product we will only refund $75 (full purchase price refund). Shipping charges will not be refunded. There are no restocking fees, however, we do not refund shipping charges.
    International customers are responsible for paying return shipping charges. Prepaid return labels cannot be sent to International Customers.

    If you do not see the refund on your original form of payment within 2 week from the day we received your return (not from the day you put it back in the mail) or payment please follow up with your bank to make sure they updated your account. If they do not see the funds on your account being processed, please try our LIVE CHAT or email us at

    We do not refund programming cost in case of unsuccessful programming by a local tech. We stand behind our product with a full refund, however we have no control over who is programming it for you. The remote may not program because the vehicle is not equipped with the keyless entry remote receiver, requires a different remote (OEM or aftermarket), or there are some electrical issues with the vehicle (like low car battery voltage, bad fuse or other issues). Also not every key programmer covers all year make and model, so the tech may or may not have the proper software and hardware to program.

    Warranty Information

    Please see our Warranty Information Page: Click Here