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Chevrolet Cruze Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews
Get a Chevy Cruze key fob or keyless entry remote at a big discount from Car and Truck Remotes. We can save Cruze owners up to 75% versus getting their replacement key fobs from a Chevy dealer. Customers also receive free tech support seven days a week using online live chat. If you're not satisfied, we have a 180-day money-back policy on all purchases.

You can order a replacement key fob for your Chevy Cruze from almost any model year. The standard Chevy Cruze key fob has remote door locking, unlocking, trunk release and a panic button. Or you can order a late-model Chevy Cruze keyless entry remote with push-button engine start/stop. Browse our selection of OEM and aftermarket Chevy Cruze replacement key fob products that are pre-tested before shipping. Extended warranties can be purchased for up to three years of protection against accidental damage, defects and general wear.