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Cadillac SRX Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Some people think it's hard to get a Cadillac SRX replacement key fob, since new vehicles are no longer made. But at Car and Truck Remotes, we have SRX keyless entry remotes in stock. Order an aftermarket key fob for a Cadillac SRX that has the same button functions as the original. And for some model years, we still have access to OEM Cadillac SRX key remotes. Both options will save you up to 50% versus what Cadillac dealerships are asking for the same fobs.

Your luxury SUV has many more years of life left, and you can enjoy all of them with the convenience of a high-quality SRX key fob. Most older devices can be programmed at home for free, though some newer remotes need to be activated by an automotive locksmith. Either way, you'll be backed by a 180-day money-back policy. We ship worldwide and provide free technical support by phone, email or live chat.