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Keyless Remotes for Honda Passport

Replacement Honda Passport remotes at discount prices? Shop our store for Passport keyless entry remote control. 90 day money back guarantee, new & used remotes. FREE remote programming instructions included with the purchase. Call us 866-690-4308 toll free to order Honda Passport key fobs. Transponder keys and remote rubber covers also available. Save up to 75% on dealer prices.

2002 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote
2001 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote
2000 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote
1999 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote
1998 Honda Passport Keyless Entry Remote

Recently lost or broken key fab, car remote for your Honda Passport?

You have found the right place. We offer many car accessories, including car remotes. Our products are originally manufactured and have lower price when compared to exactly same items at dealer store. You may be also interested in purchasing used keyless remote and save even more. Our used wireless remotes work exactly same way like new key fobs. The only difference are some scratches on outside part of the used keyless remote.

In order for the new remote to be compatible with your vehicle it needs to be programmed. We offer programming instructions for many car brands and they are free of charge with purchase of a remote keyless entry. The process of programming is not difficult and time taking at all. You will need only few minutes to program your alarm remote. If you encounter any problems you are more than welcome to call us at 866-690-4308 toll free. One of our assistants will be glad to help you to program your car remote.

At www.carandtruckremotes.com we offer many other accessories for Honda Passport. In our online store you may find: transponder keys, replacement cases for key fobs, remote replacement pads, remote covers, key chains and replacement batteries for remotes.

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