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Jeep Patriot Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Order a new Jeep key from Car and Truck Remotes to get unbeatable value on the devices you need. This 2007-2017 Jeep Patriot key fob collection has everything to replace lost remotes and obtain secondary keys. You receive the same fob design as if you went to a Jeep dealership while paying up to 75% lower prices. Each fob has an uncut transponder key plus lock, unlock, panic alarm and optional remote start buttons. Consult our automotive locksmith directory to find a professional near you to do the programming and cutting.

We have far more Jeep Patriot key remote options than what's listed here. Click on a fob to see suggestions for alternative products such as flip keys. We also can point you to transponder key blanks, keyless entry remote batteries, protective covers and other accessories to have for emergencies. Every purchase comes with a 180-day money-back policy, fast worldwide shipping and free online tech support seven days a week.