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Key fob and chip key standard on most vehicles

Remote keyless remotes become more popular every day. Key fobs became standard equipment on all high-end models and luxury vehicles. Recently also some manufacturers like Kia and Hyundai made car remotes them standard on all car and trucks. Car remotes are not an optional feature. Quite ofter key fobs just come with it as part of standard option package.

Every manufacturer is trying to come up with a new catchy name for keyless entry keyfob control: Acura calls it Keyless Access System, Audi likes Advanced Key/Comfort Key, BMW thinks of it as Comfort Access, Cadillac has another name Adaptive Remote Start & Keyless Access. Ford has Intelligent Access with push-button start and General Motors uses Passive Entry Passive Start.

Hyundai: Proximity Key has a commonly used name (sometimes called Proxy keys), where Infiniti likes the name Infiniti Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition. I think this is a bit much. Jaguar Cars come equipped with so-called Smart Key System and Jeep likes to call key fobs as Jeep Sentry Key Immobilizer System "SKIS". Lexus keeps it simple with Smart Access System and Lincoln share its name with Ford (same company) Intelligent Access System

Mazda: Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System is most likely very similar technology to Ford Motor company keyless entry system transmitters as those share R&D departments.

Mercedes-Benz calls those Keyless Go integrated into SmartKeys, Mitsubishi Motors says FastKey, Nissan named it Intelligent Key, and Porsche: Porsche Entry & Drive System.

Nissan's European partner Renault offers Hands-free keyless entry, Chinese rising automotive Ssang Yong manufacturer offers Smart Key System. Suzuki prefers to call it's keyless entry remote system for car remotes SmartPass Keyless entry & starting system. Toyota decided to keep their name for factory installed remote control system as Smart Key System. VW (Volkswagen) calls is it KESSY and last but not least Volvo has Personal Car Communicator "PCC" and Keyless Drive or Keyless Drive.

Despite the name difference most those keyless entry remote transmitters do the same job. The details might be a bit different, remote programming instructions more or less involved but for the most part those remote all do the same - they help us lock, unlock the vehicle and in some cases remote start the engine. Remote starters used to be a luxury option on most high end cars. These days you can even get the remote started factory installed and programmed in small cars like Chevy Cobalt or Pontiac G6. The only problem with those remote starter remote controls is that remote programming must be performed by a dealer or a pro car locksmith using scanning tools and specialize remote programming equipment.

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