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Keyless Entry Remotes - two types of remotes we use in our cars

Worried about your car's safety? Secure your vehicle with remote key entry technology. Getting in and out of your vehicle was never so fast and easy. You don't have to struggle with your vehicle's door. You can open it from a distance of 20 feet or more by just pressing a button. There's no need to remember any complicated codes.

The two most common remote keyless-entry control keyfobs are:

1.The fob that goes on your key ring to lock and unlock your car doors. Many of these fobs also arm and disarm a car alarm system.

2. The small controller that hangs off your car's sun visor to open and close the garage door

The fob that you carry on your keychain is actually a small radio transmitter. When you push a button on the fob, you turn on the transmitter and it sends a code to the receiver. Inside the car is a radio receiver tuned to the transmitter's frequency. It opens the door, truck, power sliding door or power liftgate when it recognizes the right frequency. Some remotes also operate remote starters on our cars.

Keyless entry systems have become standard equipment on almost every new vehicle. They look simple but have very complex technology behind them. To make sure that no one can use his or her (driver 1 remote or driver 2 control) fob to open your car door, it's necessary to produce a signal that's unique to every car. There are rolling codes and data encryption which make stealing very difficult.

Losing your car remote is a common problem. You should always get original manufacturer replacement keyless entry remotes. Key remote replacement and reprogramming should be done by reputable businesses if necessary. The good news is that most remote are onboard programmable. Do it yourself programming instructions are free and available online. Free programming instructions are also available on our website, at, or Replacement of keyless systems usually involves getting your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make, model and year of your vehicle either to your dealer or an online store to choose the right key fob.

Car dealers can charge an arm and a leg to replace key remotes, throwing in a service charge to fix that replacement key fob. There are a few stores online which provide original manufacturer remotes at reasonable rates. Choose one of them to get your vehicle running again! is a leading online store based in GA providing Original Equipment Manufacturer remote controls for remote key entry, keyless remotes for cars and trucks, Key replacement and Replacement of keyless of most vehicle manufacturers.