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Kia Sorento Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Car and Truck Remotes is where to order a Kia Sorento replacement key at a cost that's up to 75% lower than what a dealership would charge. We purchase OEM Kia Sorento keyless fobs directly from the manufacturer with the same convenient functions, such as push-button engine start and parking assistance. For extra security, get a Kia Sorento remote transmitter with an emergency insert key. If the original key fob is no longer available, our experts have tracked down aftermarket remotes that will get the job done.

All fobs come with a new battery and are fully tested. Before you place an order, use our locksmith search tool to find a professional who does Kia Sorento key fob programming and key cutting. In addition to Kia Sorento key fob replacement, we can help you fix or improve existing fobs with our selection of batteries, cases and covers - we even provide free instructional videos. All purchases have a 180-day money-back policy as part of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.