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Keyless Remotes for Kia Sorento

Need a Kia Sorento key fob? Kia Sorento keyless remotes with savings up to 75% off dealer cost. ORIGINAL Kia Sorento key fobs. Purchase replacement Kia Sorento keyfobs from us and save. Remote control covers and transmitters - discount prices. Order online or call 866-690-4308 toll free.

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Unlocking Your Sorento With Ease

The Kia Sorento is a wonderful mid size SUV that gets great gas mileage and runs reliably practically forever. Featuring power doors, power windows and a high tech safety system, the Sorento is a safe and secure car fit for use in any major city. Of course, one of the most commonly misplaced or lost item in everyday American life is the car key fob. For a car owner with a Kia Sorento, this can make getting around anywhere a total pain, not to mention expensive. A replacement key fob for a Kia Sorento, bought from a Kia dealership, can cost anywhere from $120 to over $250, depending on location and model year. Thankfully, there is a much easier and less expensive way to unlock your Kia Sorento with ease.

There are several ways to unlock your Kia Sorento when you have lost the keys to the car. One way is to jimmy a wire hanger down through the window frame and unlock the door from the inside. This only works on older model cars, and can scratch up the frame and veneer of the car door. Another way to get inside the Sorento is to pry open the trunk and climb through the cabin. Again, this can damage the car doors. Plus, both of these unlocking strategies only work once, as you still need your keys to start the key and get back in once it is closed again.

The best and easiest way to unlock a Kia Sorrento is with a Sorento replacement remote. When ordered from a specialty care key fob website, a Kia Sorento remote is not only almost 75% cheaper than the same model from a car dealership, but it ships almost immediately. Plus, every purchase counts towards the Kia Sorento remote for breast cancer project, which donates a small percentage of the sale to breast cancer awareness charities. There are over 8 different models of Kia Sorento key fobs for sale on various sites, with each costing less than $100. All models are verified to work without hassle and any sale over $100 includes free shipping. There is no need to bother with going to a car dealership that will overcharge for a simple key when you can simply order online and have one within days. Ordering a Kia Sorento replacement key fob is the easiest way to unlock your Kia Sorento, bar none.

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