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Kia Soul Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Kia Soul key replacement is always straightforward when you're working with the experts at Car and Truck Remotes. We buy OEM remotes directly from the manufacturer, and we also have aftermarket fobs. This means a variety of Kia Soul keyless entry solutions with savings of up to 75%. A standard remote key fob has a flip-open key for classic ignitions while the smart remote, which is for push-to-start Kias, comes with an emergency insert key blank. Both have buttons for seamless lock, unlock, trunk release and panic alarm operations.

When you need a new Kia Soul key, we have one in stock that is fully tested before shipping. Many new and used Kia dealerships also order from - call us Monday-Friday to ask about bulk discounts. Find an automotive locksmith in our directory who can quickly program and cut your remote. We also sell transponder keys plus fob covers, remote cases and batteries with unlimited free tech support.