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Mazda 6 sedan Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

Customer Reviews
Never overpay for Mazda 6 key replacement again by ordering yours from Car and Truck Remotes. We carry Mazda 6 keyless entry remotes, transponder keys and other devices for nearly the entire production run of this sporty sedan. Factory smart remote key fobs are purchased wholesale from the OE manufacturer - and if these fobs are no longer made, there's an aftermarket remote that can be properly activated and cut by an automotive locksmith. Either option means a Mazda 6 key replacement cost up to 75% lower than what local dealerships charge.

Both private and B2B customers receive the best customer support by phone, email or live chat to answer all your questions. With our 180-day money-back policy, you have plenty of time to see if you like your new remote. We ship replacement Mazda key fobs anywhere in the world with affordable flat rates. To learn more about the benefits of keyless entry and how it works, visit our Learning Center.