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Mini Cooper Smart Remotes and Key Fobs

Customer Reviews

Our Mini Cooper key replacement solutions make it easy to have complete control of your ride. At, we sell a variety of Mini Cooper key fobs, keyless transmitters and smart remotes. Whether you own a 2-door hardtop, 4-door hardtop, convertible or another luxury model, we'll help you find a key fob for your Mini Cooper.

A Mini Cooper replacement key can cost hundreds of dollars at a dealer. By ordering your remote from us and getting it programmed by an automotive locksmith, you'll save up to 75%. It's a hassle-free way to replace a lost key fob or get a backup after purchasing a used vehicle. Search below for Mini Cooper keyless remotes and fobs - and if your vehicle isn't listed, let us know so we can track down the right fob. You also can get a Mini Cooper key fob battery and other accessories. Each remote has a 180-day money-back policy and is thoroughly tested before shipping.