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Keyless entry system
Keyless entry system is an electronic locking system that controls entry to your car by pressing a button on your remote, vehicle without using a key. This system is usually supported by short range radio frequency device called ofter a remote, keyfob or control. The term is sometimes used as to describe keyless entry system meant a lock or unlock a vehicle by using a numeric keypad located at or near the driver's door that required pressing a preset original (or owner-programmed) code for entry.
Remote keyless entry programming
Remote control programming is required for all remotes. Some keyfobs require dealer programming (all smart keys, proxy keys), some come with DIY step or process that allows the owner of the vehicle to follow simple steps to pair a remote with the vehicle. Remote keyfobs emit, sent a radio frequency with a specific, distinctive identity code. (Think of it as a unique number assigned to your remote, that will be recognized by the vehicle. Sort of like a phone number of your cell phone) In a nutshell, the procedure has 2 main steps.
Step 1. To put the car computer in programming, or learning mode. This can entail turning a key in the ignition several time, opening/closing doors, removing fuses or connecting pins in your DLC connector under the steering wheel. The procedure can widely varie amongs makes, models, and years.
Step 2. Once the vehicle enters programming (learning, registration) mode one usually pressed a button on a first fob in order to send the digital remote control code to the car, truck or van on-board (keyless entry receiver) computer. The computer saves, writes the code in memory and the next step is to take the car out of programming mode usually by taking a key out of the ignition, putting back a fuse in it's place or removing a jumper from the DLC connector under the dash.
Proxy, smart keyfobs programming
Smart keyless remotes can only be programmed by a dealer or local car locksmith. If you can start your vehicle without putting a key in the ignition, but rather pushing Start Stop button or turning a plastic knob on your ignitino with your fingers - you have a smart key, remote system installed. Again some of the remotes can be individually programmed by the owner of a vehicle. If you are unable to identify a type of your keyless entry system, please contact us with your VIN # or at least year, make and model.
Car Keyless Remote Range
Remote Range or it's operating range mey varuwidely between manufacturers. E.g., some car makers can use 20 meters keyfob range for European Union, US and Canada and only 5 m for Japan and other markets where the transmitted power restrictions are usually set by a local Federal Communication Commission.