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Keyless Remote Covers, Car Remote Protectors Covers

Customer Reviews
Once you've purchased a new keyless entry remote, a key fob cover from will protect this valuable accessory. These covers protect the fob against moisture, impacts and scratches so they don't prematurely fail. Colorful covers for key fobs also add personalized style and make them easily identifiable. Finally, a key fob case makes it more difficult to accidentally press the buttons and engage or disengage functions. It's an inexpensive way to reduce the risk of damaging, losing or misidentifying your keys - certainly less expensive than the cost of replacing a fob. widget logo

Get a universal key fob holder or shop dozens of vehicle-specific keyless entry fob protection solutions for every vehicle that uses keyless entry. Adding a key fob silicone cover or leather car remote cover takes seconds to install. Simply remove the remote from your key ring, slide the cover over snugly and reattach it to the ring. Key fob protectors are one of many accessories we offer to customize and repair your remotes.