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Replacement Cases and Shells - Parts for Remotes

Purchase Ford, Mazda, Mercury and Lincoln replacement remote cases. We also offer replacement key fob shells for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Honda, Chevy, GMC, Hummer, Pontiac, Caddy, Mitsubishi. You can buy very popular remote shells for Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Scion and Lexus keyfobs. Car fob case cracked or broken, there may be no need to replace a door lock control. Browse our selection or keyless entry remote cases and buttons or call 866-690-4308 to speak with us.
Do you have a keyless entry remote for your vehicle? If so, are you concerned about the possibility of breaking the control of your car or truck? If you answered yes to either question, are you aware that repairing or replacing a keyfob can cost you hundreds of dollars? This is why every car and truck owner should get a keyless entry wireless control cover. This small investment could be the difference in paying hundreds of dollars in repair costs. We also offer car key replacement, key rings, replacement batteries and other car remote accessories.

How to repair keyfob remote?

Today's vehicles rarely come without a remote key fob. Complex bits of technology, these fobs not only signal your vehicle to open and close, they set off your alarm and scramble your code. Without a functional fob, you are relegated to using a key, scarcely convenient when your hands are full of groceries. However, before you purchase a new key fob when yours stops working, consider a key fob repair or get keyless entry replacement.

Common, Simple Repairs

A new key fob can set you back $100, easily, especially if you have a more complex unit. Most smart key fob repairs will cost you far less. Perhaps the most common problem is that of a weak or dead battery. Opening up your unit and replacing the batteries yourself only takes a moment. Another common problem is case damage. You drop your key and the shell cracks. You could tape it back together, or you can go get a new one from your dealership, or you can save a ton of money by simply buying a new case and transferring the contents. Even better, get a protective cover at the same time and you won't have to worry the next time you drop your remote. Replacing the rubber buttons is also a possibility. Wear and tear can result in poor contact or even missing buttons making your controller useless. With the right replacement keyless entry's buttons, you can make a simple repair and save big.

Why Not Get a New Remote?

Aside from the clear disadvantage of spending more, new remotes may require a complete reprogramming of your car's electronic entrance system. Remotes also go out of style, meaning you may have to settle for a two button fob when your car has a three button version, or you could end up with extra buttons that do nothing but add complexity without function. Of course, you don't have to get the same boring, black remote you currently have if you plan to exchange your case. Many cases are available in a rainbow of colors, making them easier to find in low light conditions, and a bit more fun as well. Toss your keys on the table with everyone else at a gathering, and you won't have any trouble telling which are yours.

One other advantage of remote key fob repair: less waste. Repairing your key fobs, rather than throwing it out will keep electronic components and plastics out of landfills. It may seem like a small thing, but every little bit counts.