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Keyless Remotes for Saturn S-Series

Up to 75% off dealer prices on Saturn S-Series key fob remote replacements! 90 day money back guarantee on all Saturn S-Series remote controls, transponder keys and parts. If your remote stopped working, you may simply need to replace a battery in your SL, SL1, SL2, SW1, SW2, SC1 and SC2 remote control. If some buttons stopped working, you just need to replace the remote buttons in your key fob. Call us at 866-690-4308 toll free, to consult.

2002 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote
2001 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote
2000 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote
1999 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote
1998 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote
1997 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote
1996 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote (4 button)
1996 Saturn S-Series Keyless Entry Remote (3 button)

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