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Remote Replacement Parts Set - GTL brand

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Price: $39.95

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This is a Remote Replacement Parts Set of popular parts like screws, springs, roll pins, microswitches and battery connectors. To make it very handy, GTL used different colors for different parts for easy identification.
All the boxes are fit into a rack for better organization. The rack can be displayed on desk or the wall.
A handy set like this will definitely facilitate locksmiths' daily work.

This set includes:
  • 8 types of remote switches
  • 8 types of remote shell screws
  • 8 types of remote battery connectors
  • 8 types of remote springs
  • 8 types of flip remote roll pins
  • an empty box laser marked with the most popular 8 chip IDs

Box 1: Remote Switches includes:
Volkswagen (4.9*4.6*1.7mm); Nissan (3.0*4.0*1.87mm); VW / MIT (4.8*4.8*0.7mm); BMW / GM (3.2*4.2*2.5mm); Audi (4.0*4.0*1.5mm); BMW (3.3*2.7*1.4mm); Honda (3.0*3.0*1.5mm); Ford (4.8*4.8*0.7mm)

Box 2: Remote shell screws includes:
Chrysler (2.0*6.0mm); Hyundai (2.0*11.8mm); Ford (2.3*10.8mm); Nissan / Mazda (2.0*3.0mm); Toyota / Honda (3.0*4.0mm); VW / Audi (2.0*10.0mm); GTO (2.5*5.0mm); BMW (2.0*6.0mm)

Box 3: Remote battery connectors includes:
Nissan / Dodge; Ford; Nissan; Hyundai; Cadillac; Chrysler; Honda

Box 5: Remote springs includes:
Applicable for all kinds (5.0*20.0mm and 4.3*24.0mm); Infiniti (1.45*9.5mm); Jaguar (2.0*9.0mm); FOBIK / NIS / DOD (1.7*9.0mm); Chevrolet (3.0*8.0mm); BMW / Cadillac (3.0*4.8mm); Ford (4.0*19.0mm)

Box 6: Flip remote roll pins includes:
Nissan (1.6*5.2mm); Ford (1.6*6.0mm); KIA (1.6*6.5mm); HYU / CHE / LEX (1.6*8.0mm); Mazda (2.0*8.3mm); VW / Hyundai (2.1*7.0mm); KIA (2.2*5.6mm); Lexus (1.6*9.0mm)

Box 4 does NOT include transponder chips. It is just a box that you can fill up.